To be or not to be… Sexy

I realize some people will get offended. Yet I’m still going to voice what I feel I want to voice.

I have gotten flak before in regards to sexuality. To having a sexual heir about me. I have to say, in the words of Tears For Fears… ‘I find it kind of funny, find it kind of sad’. Funny in the fact that some woman try so hard to ignore the fact that sexuality is a normal and existent aspect of a woman. Sad in the sense, they lack the confidence to fully love and embrace that side of them. I’m sorry, I don’t have a bulge in my pants. I guess that completely exterminates any right of feeling or being sexy in my own skin. Oops my bad. PLEASE! Men are sexual beings 1000% of the time and it’s like a rain drop in the ocean. God forbid a woman express themselves sexually and HOLD UP. Society has gone mad!! It’s sad, that we woman are held to such a standard. No wonder the self esteem of woman are lower than footprints because, to society it’s disgraceful for us to reach our full potential of what we truly are as human beings. Human beings with sexual personality’s. I am not a whore. I am not a slut. I am simply a woman who appreciates every aspect of being human, including my sexuality. I am simply a woman with a strong sense of self, love and confidence in a tasteful, classy manner. A woman who has needs, wants and desires as much as the next person whoever they are. Male OR female. Sue me for being everything God created me to be. I’m doing my part in appreciating myself and loving every part of myself flaws and all. So with that said. I will continue to unapologetically be myself. No one can take that away from me.


Kids these days. Wow. It’s horrendous, the lack of common sense. The lack of common curtesy , the lack of appreciation and respect. I see evidence of this majorly 5 days a week during my job as a bus aide. Kids without due warning walk right out in front of buses. Without looking, ears shut down with the honors of AirPods, earbuds and senseless. They like to play, truth or dare, chicken, and yes even Frogger to see who can cross the street and avoid being pancaked. Such a joy. HA


There’s the girl who everyone loves. She’s charismatic, funny, interesting. A personality so magnetic, you can’t help but to love being around her. Hey! What about that boy? You know, the one who always has the right answers, intellect beyond average. Always needing to wear his glasses. You know you can’t forget about that blonde who is so quiet. She just stands there, eyes constantly fluttering from side to side. She clasps her hands as if she can’t let herself go. And everyone, everyone knows of that hot guy. The one who’s always taking heat for his actions. Leather jacket, ripped jeans. Shades to hide those darkened waves of deep brown. Don’t want to get to close now!!

I know that girl, as a matter of fact. She came out of the ladies stall wiping tears from her eyes and redoing her make up. She said ‘ I have to keep my figure strong’. Across the street I saw that boy. Walking over train tracks. Asking himself why. Why his parents expect perfection from a mere imperfect human. And that blonde girl? Yeah I know her too. I know she wears her story on her arms and legs, I know she watches her back day in day out. Oh and that man. That dangerous, sexy, strong man. Trying to run so fast from his past he keeps tripping in the present. He lost the breadcrumbs now he wanders.

People love to insist, assume, comment on what the eyes perceive. My, how wrong we can be from the pieces of a puzzle that are scattered about. Instead of taking the time to put things together, we are so quick to make fit what we want to see. How sad that is. You never know what the heart is really like. Where the feet have treaded. How much better it would be, if such judgments were never meant to be a permanent idea of lasting opinions.

Not The Man

“Boys will be boys” they say. Though when will they learn to really be men? There comes a time when boys need to STOP being boys and start growing up, start acting and behaving like a man. The mentality of some can be utterly repulsive. How they feel the can end a committed relationship only to keep themselves in a chasing bubble. Woman are most definitely not welcomed to be objectified, yet these boys continue to lure in bait only to drop the line. For petty justifications to make another jealous, or so they don’t have to devote themselves to responsibility. How ignorant and immature that is. Responsibility is a part of life, obviously a part some cannot handle. Which honestly if they can’t handle life’s responsibilities maturely then they don’t deserve to incorporate the privilege of having the woman as such a compliment. We woman are something to be valued, loved, respected and cherished. At least I know for sure though, who I will not be subjecting myself to. And I am happy to say I know other smart woman who have this in mind as well.

The Living Twenties

People say all the time, “Twenties are the best year of your life”. Is that really true though? To say the it is the absolute BEST? Well. Walk with me down FYI lane and let’s make some clarifications. Sure! You’re in you’re twenties, you’re healthy and young. However; to say that they are the ‘best’ is quite the misconception. Being young, healthy and twenty-something isn’t a pass on life. It can be JUST has hard as teen years! Not to say it isn’t a joyful time period, but it is definitely not the best. Mental illness can and will still exist. You might not have symptoms of a cold during the last few weeks but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Life in twenties is still life. There is still many many hardships and to hand out faulty reasoning to younger ones is simply deceiving. They should be aware of how hard it can still be, it’s not right to swipe the carpet from such vulnerable feet and disappoint their hopes of being twenty. It’s just as hard as any age, not worse, not better it’s just simple life.

Love Is To Be Found

Two hands holding, a symbol of forever touching fragile skin. 5 years later..Papers. Thick dense papers of bitter hastiness only to avoid conflicts. Huh. Love sure is a funny thing. What is love anyway? An apparition of the heart? A silly fad that comes and goes? Perhaps Tina was right and it’s only a secondhand emotion. For everyone love is different. Love can be real, if it is right. Boy…It’s amazing to see this young generation take love like a season, ready to give it their all only to leave it behind for something, or in this case… Someone new. People don’t seem to take love seriously anymore. And the participants seem to be getting younger and younger when they don’t even know themselves or the other individual fully. It’s sad. Yet for me, I’m 23. Young and healthy. Satisfied with life and until that special someone comes, I am in no rush. Singleness is underestimates very much so. I can continue to grow and learn about myself, the things I need to work on without any distractions blinding me. While I have plenty of time to seek out a relationship, I am thoroughly enjoying my freedom knowing I won’t be single forever, so I better enjoy it while it lasts! At 23 I still continue to grow, embark on new adventures, and have the opportunity to have new life experiences!

Thought Of The Day

They say butterflies can’t see their own wings, so that’s why they don’t know how beautiful they are..
But wouldn’t that be more damaging? What if they could, only to compare themselves to the ones that are bolder, bigger, more flamboyant… they would only be damaging themselves more so.. so then, is color blindness a defect or luxury?…